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Invest in Freedom After the Trauma and help us create new methods to help people heal.

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Freedom to the Broken

We are demolishing the trafficking industry by building a better industry, to heal the broken.

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Our Methods

We are teaching and pouring back into the heroes who serve trauma survivors, training them in the most effective methods - created by trauma survivors themselves - that will build up victims of trafficking, so they cannot be re-victimized.

Your Role

When you invest in us, you are part of the important work of establishing these methods, training the healers and caretakers, giving voice to the victimized, and bringing freedom to the broken.

It’s Time to Heal the World

Thank you for helping us fight the trauma of trafficking. Thank you for supporting our cause. We believe it’s time to start fighting the multi-billion dollar human trafficking industry -which currently controls our world - with real resolve. It’s time to stop hoping we can overcome it with cupcakes and car washes. It’s time to put our financial support toward an industry of wholeness, in order to create a lasting legacy of healing for ourselves, and our future generations.

Thank you for helping us fight the trauma of trafficking!


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