The Center for Wisdom's Women

Targeted to open late 2019, Sophia’s House will provide two years of healing and housing for women who are survivors of prostitution, trafficking, prison, and addiction.  The project will be an adaptation of the successful 20 year Magdalene program at Thistle Farms in Nashville, TN, a comprehensive, two year “housing first” community based model.

The gender sensitive and trauma informed program will include wrap-around support services for therapy, addiction recovery, via Health Affiliates Maine and medical care and GED work through other local agencies. The Center will provide ongoing programs related to building resiliency and relationships and women will start job training in The Center’s social enterprise called Herban Works.

There they will experience meaningful work in a contained and nurturing environment while also earning a small stipend. The work itself is healing with a focus is on growing and drying calendula and various herbs. Products created from them include a salve and tea made with calendula, dried mixed herbs and a lavender eye pillow.

Women will also access programs such as Healthy Homeworks and New Ventures Maine for further training.

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