Pondered In Her Heart

Hello, I'm Shannon

I am a mother to seven beautiful children.

​All of my life I had this deeply rooted desire to be a mom. I always knew I wanted a big family.  When I would share this desire with others they would jokingly reply, "Wait until you have your first."

Why was my enthusiasm often met with skepticism?

It wasn't until I had my first that I realized that motherhood was more challenging than I thought.  Yet, I continued to have more children.  After having my 6th I realized that I was living in survival mode and the joy of being a mother that I had envisioned for myself was almost nonexistent. I knew deep down that God would not give such a beautiful gift of motherhood to just be 'survived.'

I knew there was more. So I sought healing.

I spent the next year working with a life coach who was trained in Unbound ministry and helped me to heal from past wounds. I learned to forgive myself and be kind to myself. A year later I found The Woman School which furthered my healing and journey towards wholeness.

Now I am ready to give back to others.

Moms, if you are living in survival mode you don't have to be.  You were not created to survive, you were created to THRIVE. Let me help you rediscover your joy and live motherhood the way it was designed to be.

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