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It’s time to walk this transformative and educational journey through the Fundamentals of Trauma Informed Care (FOTIC).


In The Fundamentals of Trauma-Informed Care (FOTIC), we delve deeper than the standardized care of trauma in our modern industry.
In addition to defining the two types of Single-Injury and Long-Term Injury Trauma, we detail the care necessary for each, using healing methods developed by survivors themselves.
With methods such as The Five Keys of Healing and the Five Chains, you will learn these philosophies in depth, and how to apply them to your work of bringing wholeness to your clients.

FOTIC is transforming the modern standards of healing by equipping you, the caregivers and licensed professionals, with the tools to effectively heal your clients, and bring an end to the isolation of trauma.

Freedom After the Trauma

The world has never needed this more than now. Will you help us bring healing to the victims? Will you help us transform our world into one of freedom and wholeness?