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We are on a mission to give a voice to the silenced, healing to the broken, and freedom to the enslaved. A mission for millions, one at a time.

Courtney Leong.

Our founder Courtney Leong has a heart for bringing healing to the world, born out of her own difficult life experiences.

Overtime, she has learned that it is not unusual for licensed professionals to turn away clients, saying, “I can’t help you any further. You have healed as much you ever will.”

There is always more healing, and deeper depths to which each person is called. Whether mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual, full healing is possible!

The Journey

On her journey from ashes to beauty, Courtney has learned her worth. Even when doctors, therapists and counselors gave up on her, God never gave up.

He brought the beautiful people into her life who equipped her with the community, tools, and awareness to look her pain in the face and rise victorious.

This is the story she wants for each person who craves healing. The story doesn’t need to stop at, ‘Just enough.’ Every story can follow through to a glorious ending!

The Mission

Courtney is now dedicating her life to transforming the standards of healing in our world. Through FOTIC, her certification program, she is equipping caregivers and licensed professionals with the powerful tools they need to effectively minister to the trafficked and traumatized.

We Believe.

There are two forms of Trauma, Single-Injury Trauma and Long-term Injury Trauma.

The difference is that, in Single-Injury Trauma, the human dignity is not invaded, while in Long-Term Injury trauma, the dignity of a human person is compromised by the behavior of another.

Trauma affects us, body, mind, and soul. It is not an isolated event, which only upsets us for a season, but is an ongoing process of the body trying to heal itself. Second-hand trauma is exposure to the unprocessed pain of another human person.

EVERYONE has experienced trauma - if not first-hand, then second-hand, at least - but not everyone is able to process their pain, and the inability to deal with it is causing more harm in our society.

The world is processing trauma by isolating it, treating each malady as its own unrelated problem, and ignoring all other pains, whether - physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual - no matter how much the roots of these separate problems relate to one another.

We Do.

Freedom After The Trauma is combating this isolation by establishing an industry of integrated wholeness. We are integrating treatment of mind, body, and soul, seeing the person as a whole being. We are bringing hope to an underfunded, undereducated, and underserved industry, elevating the dignity of the human person by introducing the world to Integrated Trauma Care.

We are undertaking this integration by launching conferences, a certified curriculum, and various transformation places throughout the country.

Changing the Narrative

The undertaking of FATT is larger than it might at first appear. The reason being that the truth which we are working to communicate - the wakeup call which needs to sound to summon the world to action - does not fit into any current structures of the world. We are finding that this industry is needing to custom-design not only the healing modalities and therapies for wholeness, but the very business structures and conversations currently in place.

The systems of the world are no longer serving us, and we need to change the narrative. We are not disparaging the good work done by real healers, but the restrictions which have been put in place which tie their willing and helping hands, and the rampant confusion in our ‘pass the buck’ culture has gone far enough.

It’s time to drop those shackles. It’s time to step into the light of relationship and life-long healing. It’s time to change the narrative.

You can learn more about real healing and our revolutionary approach in the FOTIC Course.

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