Freedom After the Trauma

Healing is possible, and it begins now.

We believe that the common thread of trauma is VICTORY. Victory over the past, over our wounds, and over our fears.

The only way to attain this victory is through healing.

What Makes Us Different

EVERYONE has experienced trauma - if not first-hand, then second-hand, at least - and the inability to deal with it or admit it is causing much harm in our society.

Freedom After The Trauma is combating the modern industry of trafficking and trauma by establishing a counter industry of integrated wholeness. We are integrating treatment of mind, body, and soul, seeing the person as a whole being.

We believe in top-down care, so we are training the caregivers, and equipping the healers and servers. Through education, connection, and retreat, we are bringing hope to an underfunded, undereducated, and underserved industry of care. By treating those who sacrifice everything to heal the traumatized, we are elevating the dignity of the human person across all fields, empowering them in the impact they are making in trauma-informed care.

This is a completely new and unique approach, which sees EVERYONE as having inherent dignity, and in need of care and support. We are transforming industry by creating a truly whole society.

We are undertaking this transformation by teaching a certified curriculum, bringing together experts at conferences,and instituting various transformation places throughout the country.

Rewrite Your Story

Courtney Leong recently collaborated on a song with the Song House Co in Nashville, and it‘s gone viral. Check it out below. This is our mission. This is our story….

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